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Improve learner mental health

Involve your learners and help them with climate anxiety

Establish a regular climate anxiety survey

Routinely ask your school body about their feelings and worries regarding climate change. This will help you develop strategies to support your community.

Low costRepeat action

Survey green skills and careers awareness among learners

Understand how aware your learners are about jobs that help the environment, including their knowledge gaps and interests in sustainability-related careers.

Low costRepeat action

Promote the benefits of using outdoor learning spaces to your stakeholders

Communicate with parents, learners, governors and trustees about how outdoor learning can enhance teaching and development. You can also seek their feedback and address any concerns they may have.

Low costRepeat action

Build a whole-setting awareness of biodiversity

Educate everyone at your setting, including your staff, learners and parents (where appropriate), about the importance of biodiversity and actions we can take to support it.

Low costLong term action

Raise awareness of active travel

Active travel means incorporating physical activity, such as walking, cycling and scootering, into the journey to and from your setting.

Low costLong term action