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This site is in development. We are adding more suggested actions and will continue to add resources over time. We will also improve functionality, including sign in and accounts. Provide feedback to help us improve the site.

About Sustainability Support for Education

Sustainability Support for Education enables education settings to start or progress on their sustainability journey. This includes all types of settings from Early Years to Higher Education.

We offer suggested actions paired with quality-assured resources. You can filter these so you only see suggestions that are relevant to your setting - based on your teaching age, priorities, how far you’ve progressed already, estate, and more. 

Department for Education Strategic Aims

Sustainability Support for Education is part of a set of projects commissioned by the Department for Education to meet these strategic aims:


Excellence in education and skills for the changing world

Preparing all young people for a world impacted by climate change through learning and practical experience.


Net Zero

Reducing direct and indirect emissions from education and care buildings, driving innovation to meet legislative targets and providing opportunities for children and young people to engage practically in the transition to net zero.


Resilience to climate change

Adapting our education and care buildings and system to prepare for the effects of climate change.


A better environment for future generations

Enhancing biodiversity, improving air quality and increasing access to, and connection with, nature in and around education and care settings.

Our affiliate projects are:

Climate abassadors logo

The Climate Ambassadors scheme exists to provide free expertise and support to nurseries, schools and colleges to develop and deliver impactful climate action plans.

Find out more about Climate Ambassadors (this link opens in a new tab).

National Education Nature Park and Climate Action Awards logo

The National Education Nature Park and Climate Action Awards empower young people to make a positive difference to both their own and nature’s future.

Find out more about the National Education Nature Park and Climate Action Awards (this link opens in a new tab).

Climate action advisors logo

As part of the Let’s Go Zero campaign, Climate Action Advisors support schools looking to become zero carbon, by giving free and tailored advice to help schools green their buildings, transport, menus and more. The Climate Ambassadors and Climate Action Advisors networks collaborate to ensure that all education settings in England can access critical expertise and free climate action resources from across our powerful coalition network.

Find out more about Let’s Go Zero Climate Action Advisors (this link opens in a new tab).


Our sustainability experts make sure our recommendations are effective and suitable for education settings.

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Recommendations you can trust

The recommendations on this site are made by sustainability and education experts from our partner organisations. As well as creating our suggested actions, they have quality assured all the resources that accompany them, so you can feel confident using them.

Coming soon

This site is in development. We are adding:

  • more suggested actions and resources - including topics such as promoting biodiversity and green education
  • accounts - you will be able to log in and save your details to find suggestions relevant to you, track your progress and work collaboratively
  • a save function - so you can keep track of suggestions and build your own sustainability plan
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