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This site is in development. We are adding more suggested actions and will continue to add resources over time. We will also improve functionality, including sign in and accounts. Provide feedback to help us improve the site.

How we find resources

Sustainability Support for Education aims to take you to the right resources to support your sustainability journey.

We search across the education sector and beyond, gathering resources from around the world. We put the time in to quality assure those resources, so you can focus on achieving your sustainability goals.

Our service is evolving

We are constantly reviewing what’s on the site, seeking the most effective and relevant resources to support you to deliver against your priorities.

Some of the actions we recommend do not currently have resources associated with them. We are working with the Department for Education and resource providers to fill these gaps.

We will add new resources to the site over the coming months as they become available. Over time, the types of resources you see will evolve and become increasingly relevant to your setting’s unique characteristics.

Quality Assurance process

To ensure we are directing you to the right support, each resource on Sustainability Support for Education is quality-assured by a team of sustainability and education experts from our partner organisations:

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Supported by The Royal Meteorological Society and Global Action Plan.

They identify potential resources through a combination of:

  • desktop research
  • open submission from resource providers
  • extensive engagement with industry-recognised providers

Our experts then assess each resource against a range of criteria. These vary depending on the nature of the resource, and the topic it relates to, but all resources are assessed for:


Our experts ensure that the resources will support settings to carry out the recommended actions, and help you to improve the sustainability of your setting.


Our experts make sure each resource will contain advice that is relevant to education settings in England.

Some resources may have been written for a different audience, but we assess if they are still applicable. For example:

  • resources from other countries that are still relevant to England
  • resources for other sectors that are still relevant to education
  • resources aimed at one type of setting (such as secondary schools) that may be able to be adapted for others


Our experts make sure each resource is scientifically accurate, objective, and aligned with best practice

Ease of understanding

Our experts aim to find resources that are accessible and don’t require expert knowledge in order to use them.


Our experts make sure that the author of each resource is trusted by the sector. Where applicable, they check that the methodology and data sources are transparent.

Resources not included

The resources provided do not include recommendations on professional service or training providers. In the future, you can expect information to support you to identify these providers.

Classroom teaching materials are not currently included on the service.

Contact us

If you have a resource for us to consider, please send it to us through our resource submission form.

If you would like your resource to be removed from the site please email