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Save money on energy

Reduce your bills with green estate improvements

Understand sustainability funding opportunities

Take a look at the range of local and national grants, subsidies, and funding programs that are available to support sustainability projects at your setting. Many funding opportunities have particular requirements. Understanding these early on can help you to prepare to complete your applications and set you up for success.

Low costRepeat action

Audit your supply chain

Evaluate the environmental and ethical practices of your suppliers of goods and services.

Low costLong term action

Complete an energy review

An energy review assesses your setting's energy consumption patterns, sources, and efficiency levels. It involves doing a walk-through of your site, and analysing your energy bills.

Low costOne off action

Identify some catering quick wins

Use the findings from your food and catering audit to identify simple, immediate changes which will make your setting's food practices more sustainable.

One off action