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Taking the first steps

For settings that are starting to make changes

Collaborate on sustainability within your group

Work together with other settings within your local area, cluster, group, chain or trust to share resources, ideas, and best practices.

Low costRepeat action

Survey environmental awareness among learners

Understand how aware learners are about current environmental issues, such as climate change, pollution, and biodiversity loss.

Low costRepeat action

Establish collaborative ways of working with your estate owner

Foster regular communication and cooperation with your estate owner on sustainability. It is important to engage with your estate owners as early as possible regarding any potential projects that will affect your site.

Low costRepeat action

Identify some waste reduction interventions

Use the findings from your waste audit to identify some simple, immediate changes which will improve your waste practices. This could include reducing waste, repurposing and reusing items, improving your recycling, and composting.

Complete this first:

Conduct a waste audit
Long term action

Complete an energy review

An energy review assesses your setting's energy consumption patterns, sources, and efficiency levels. It involves doing a walk-through of your site, and analysing your energy bills.

Low costOne off action