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Developing your practice

For settings with ongoing sustainability actions

Plan a session on water conservation as part of your behaviour change programme

Organise awareness raising sessions to educate your whole community about water consumption, and the benefits of water conservation.

One off action

Appoint a climate adaptation lead

Identify a member of staff who will be responsible for coordinating your climate adaptation efforts. This person will oversee the completion of your climate risk assessment.

Low costOne off action

Establish regular water consumption data collection

It's important that you regularly collect and analyse your consumption data so you can monitor the effectiveness of any actions you take to improve your water conservation.

Low costRepeat action

Complete a climate risk assessment

A climate risk assessment is a process to identify, evaluate, and manage the potential impacts of climate change on your setting's site, operations, and community.

Low costRepeat action

Identify opportunities to increase active travel to and from your setting

Identify some simple initial steps you can take. This could include walking buses, bike safety training, setting up staff incentive schemes, and providing active travel facilities such as buggy storage, bike racks and showers.

Repeat action