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Improve staff retention

Get staff involved to attract and keep them

Plan a sustainability team

Formalise and grow your current sustainability working group into a long-term sustainability team, supported by a ring-fenced budget. Ensure that each member of the team has clearly defined roles and responsibilities.

Long term action

Identify opportunities to increase active travel to and from your setting

Identify some simple initial steps you can take. This could include walking buses, bike safety training, setting up staff incentive schemes, and providing active travel facilities such as buggy storage, bike racks and showers.

Repeat action

Agree roles and responsibilities to support biodiversity progress

Define, agree and integrate any duties that contribute to enhancing biodiversity into your staff's roles.

Low costOne off action

Create active travel tools for your setting

Develop resources to facilitate walking, cycling, or other sustainable modes of transportation to and from your setting. This might include maps of safe walking routes or information about local cycling paths.

Low costOne off action

Develop an active travel plan

Develop a programme to increase the use of methods like walking, cycling and carpooling, in journeys to and from your setting.

Low costLong term action